Overview for Users


  • Supports watchface, data field, widget and activity apps
  • Unidirectional or bi-directional communication between apps
  • Send data between apps on the same device or between apps on different devices owned by the same user
  • Supports sending from one app to many or from multiple apps to a single app
  • Data is encrypted in transit and when stored on the server using an encryption key known only to the user’s device(s). The encryption key is not stored on the server and is not known to the web API service
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  • Share settings between apps
  • Display metrics from data fields and activity apps on a watchface
  • Send notifications from one app to another
  • Allow apps to use data that is calculated or measured in a different app


  • Garmin device supporting Connect IQ 3.1.0 or higher
  • Garmin Connect app on either Apple iPhone or an Android phone
  • Internet access for the smartphone


  • $2.99US for 120 days of access

Contact us at support@dacrosse.com

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